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This is made for everyone who is into exploring new things, who loves the magic of new beginnings, who goes with the flow and thinks with the heart.  It´s a place created for showing what adventures and leaving the comfortzone is making with you, it´s set up for facing the fear and grow, for being reflective and for going on that journey together. The travel outside is the travel inside. It´s about discovering yourself while discovering the world. It´s made for motivation and inspiration. It´s created to build up a movement of happiness through a community of wild hearts. It´s an act of Kosen-Rufu. Short:

For adventure lovers, globetrotters, creative minds, free souls, world travellers and those ones who dream of it but who are not ready enough yet to leave everything behind. Let me adventure you. Let me inspire you. In three words:

Adventure and you.

Stories that make you move

Channelizing my stories and bundling my inspirations in form of a blog had been on my list since long. It was time to realise it and quitting my job brought me enough space and time to do so. I have already wrote a travel blog on www.green-soul.org, because besides my passion of traveling and adventuring, I´m always on missions because I´m a woman full of visions. Besides I love to tell stories and inspire people. I love to create things, visualize feelings and ideas, being creative and taking people with me on my journey.


Let me know where you are. Let´s have a fresh coconut together and share our thoughts, stories and adventures. Let´s be real and let´s be now.

Let´s do this one together.

Let´s grow.


Questions to any topics, insights or places? Say hello@adventureandyou.de

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